A Bunch of Free Music! (Adventure, Chill, Racing, and More!)

A Bunch of Free Music!

I've collected all of the free music I've released over the last year into a single pack!  This music pack has a lot of range, as most of it was written for game jams.  Funny enough, about half of it is extremely calm and chill and the other half is extremely intense and suspenseful.

Every song in this pack is free (as in price) and (mostly) free (as in beer.)  All of these songs are completely free to use in your game as long as you attribute me somewhere in the game description or credits and link back to either the pack or my website.

I'm always happy to see people using my tracks so feel free to send me an email with whatever cool things you make!

I will also periodically be adding new tracks to this, and at some point will split it into several packs by genre.


53 days ago

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